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Residential vs Commercial Property: The Differences, Investment Choices, Taxes, and More

Real Estate Investments are a lucrative yet compounded endeavour. The industry offers two avenues: 1) Residential2) Commercial Both properties have their distinct characteristics, investment potential, and tax implications that investors should consider. You need to know the differences between these two types of properties to make informed decisions. This blog extensively explores the major types […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Check EC Of A Property In India Online

Here’s a situation. You want to buy a house or a property. You connect with a trustworthy real estate agent. After weeks and months of searching for the perfect choice, you find one, and excitedly discuss it with your friend. Then they ask you, “Did you check the EC of the property?” You’re stumped. You […]

Nova’s Guide to Navigate the Home Buying Process

Buying a home is a significant milestone in our life. The Home Buying Process involves various intricate steps that are spread over a few years – Financial preparations and selecting an ideal property that caters to our current requirements and future aspirations. Nova Life Space presents a comprehensive guide to provide you with an in-depth […]

Why Chennai is the Best City to Settle Down?

Vanakkam! It doesn’t matter if you call it Chennai or Madras – the emotion stays the same. This City is infamously known as “the Gateway to South India” and is a major administrative & cultural hub. As a vibrant city in South India, Chennai is a cultural testament and an economic hub that offers an […]

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